Winter Tour 2019-2020

Hey guys!

Its been 71 days since we have started our 2019-20 winter tour! So far we have been to lots of really cool places! If you are not following us on twitter here are our tweets!

We started at the dungeon and headed west we hit the Hard Rock Casino, We had a blast when we stopped by some cool places too! We then headed south to Hot springs Arkansas. From there we went west and hit Texas! We kept going west and hit New Mexico We set the the tent up to high here and poor Gabbi couldnt get in it very easily. This was at Brantly Lake in New Mexico. We kept finding really cool places like Carlsbad caverns and of course Roswell New Mexico! We also hit White Sands, it was Beautiful! Las Cruces was really cool! Us having fun traveling and seeing the sights! We went to a few more hot springs but man it was fun!