Osci 2


Osci 2 is a fully programmable oscillating vibrator which can be customized to a wide range of vibration levels. Our app allows you to choose a power level which matches your individual needs.

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osci 2

Instead of vibrating like other traditional toys, our toy has a patented oscillating feature that moves the vibrations in and out – pleasuring your erogenous zone in ways you’ve never imagined. The oval head also delivers unique and powerful stimulation.

Carefully Designed

Carefully Designed

Fully Adjustable

osci 2

Other features in our app are also available.

  1. Close-Range Control
  2. Long-Distance Control
  3. Unlimited Vibration Patterns
  4. Sync to Music
  5. Sound-Activated Vibrations
  6. Set Vibration Levels
osci 2


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