About Us

Our names are Reaper and Gabbi. We as a couple spend alot of our time thinking of ways to have fun. We love BDSM and it’s alot of fun seeing what we come up with as to toys we use to spank or incorporate in our chaturbate room

Reaper and Gabbi met in 2015 became friends which developed into a relationship shortly after Gabbi’ s 18th birthday. That’s when we got into BDSM. Gabbi being new to it wasn’t quite sure at first but soon realized she got wet from being Dominated by Reaper!

Reaper has been in BDSM for 25+ years and Gabbi has been in it for almost 3 years. We do Discipline  (gotta keep Gabbi in line), Reaper loves doing bondage. He is also a sadist while Gabbi is a masochist.  Reaper is of course the dominant and Gabbi is the bratty submissive.

We both enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, biking but mostly traveling.  We love seeing the country meeting new people with the same interest as us.